To-Do List

I know that a lot of you have ideas and suggestions for me to make.

Please remember that i’m not paid to do this, I loom in my free time. My family always come first, so you’ll find that during vacation/holiday times or if my little girl is sick, there will not be much activity.

I loom what I feel in the mood to make. I do not loom figures that have nothing “specific” about them to make them recognisable from just any boy/girl man/woman figure.

With that being said, here are what currently are on my list, and feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section. Please remember just because I say I will add something to my list doesn’t mean it will be done tomorrow and doesn’t mean it will be done at all in some cases.

Mary Poppins
Lady Cassandra (Doctor Who)
Doctor Who’s
KISS members
Mojo jo-jo
Droga (GOT)
Peter Pan
Molly (Peter & the star catchers)
Monsters Inc.
Princess Fiona
Sherlock Holmes
Paddington Bear
Mr Electro
Pusheen or Tororo Tooper
Zaraki Kenpachi
Cher Lloyd
Katy Perry (Roar)
Naeun apink
Lucy fairytale
4 dead 2 nick
The incredibles
Princess Daisy
Princess Kida “Atlantis”