To-Do List

I know that a lot of you have ideas and suggestions for me to make.

Please remember that i’m not paid to do this, I loom in my free time. My family always come first, so you’ll find that during vacation/holiday times or if my little girl is sick, there will not be much activity.

I loom what I feel in the mood to make. I do not loom figures that have nothing “specific” about them to make them recognisable from just any boy/girl man/woman figure.

With that being said, here are what currently are on my list, and feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section. Please remember just because I say I will add something to my list doesn’t mean it will be done tomorrow and doesn’t mean it will be done at all in some cases.

Mary Poppins
Lady Cassandra (Doctor Who)
Doctor Who’s
KISS members
Mojo jo-jo
Droga (GOT)
Peter Pan
Molly (Peter & the star catchers)
Monsters Inc.
Princess Fiona
Sherlock Holmes
Paddington Bear
Mr Electro
Pusheen or Tororo Tooper
Zaraki Kenpachi
Cher Lloyd
Katy Perry (Roar)
Naeun apink
Lucy fairytale
4 dead 2 nick
The incredibles
Princess Daisy
Princess Kida “Atlantis”

174 thoughts on “To-Do List

  1. Hi Kate
    I absolutely LOVE your tutorials and find them so easy to follow, better than all the american ones ive tried. Ive even got people ‘ordering’ them from me. :)

    I dont know if you have done them already, im probably not looking in the right place, but have you done wizard of oz characters?

    And bagpuss would be really great too.

    Thanks Kate. Keep up the fab work. :) x

  2. Would love love love to see some Paw Patrol puppies. My 3 year old is obsessed with the new Paw Patrol cartoon that’s on nickelodeon & I haven’t seen a single one of them being made. Thanks Kate

  3. Robin Hood and Maid Marian please.

    Tudor Kings and Queens of England……maybe Henry viii and Elizabeth1

    Just some suggestions……everything welcomed really!!

  4. Princess Fiona in both ways, Ogre and human hihi.
    Characters from Alice in Wonderland would be cute. Like The Mad Hatter, Alice, Red Queen, White Queen, and so on.

  5. Just a note, I saw someone mentioned Tatty Teddy, which is British, and that company has super strict copyright laws. They do not like their work replicated in any way!

  6. hi kate, love all your designs especially Mr hankey lol.
    just looked at your xmas stocking one, was wondering is there any way you could make it so you could put a chocolate in for an advent calender??
    any thoughts/ideas would be fab…..

  7. Hi Kate!

    Wow, you have a lot requests on your list :-) I can understand that, because you´re so briliant when you show how to do things :-)

    My request is the wonderful litle Eeyoore, I think you spell it like that, from Winnie the Pooh. I´ve tried one tutorial on the net, but it wasn´t good at all. I do understand that you do this just for fun, and I thank you for your work :-)
    Hugs, Ewa

  8. Hi Kate, first off all I must say I think you’re an incredibly creative and talented loomer, I love making your designs. I’ve done all your Batman and Scooby Doo creations for my lil boy and he loves them…. I understand that you have a million and one requests can I add to that and ask for Plankton or Patrick from Spongebob please if possible. Thanks for reading :)

  9. Yes! Chewbaca and Yoda! My son is obsessed with Star Wars and I am making so many of the characters from scratch, but I cannot even begin on Chewbaca. No ideas on him. I’m doing well with many of the other characters from watching you and PG ‘s loomacy for inspiration. Keep the videos coming, your creations are wonderful!

  10. Hi Kate

    Love all your work. I am wondering would you be able to do an adult bike. All I can seem to find is bmx or children’s bikes. I have a friend who loves to bike ride and he is moving to Australia soon and think it would be a personal touch as a leaving present

  11. Could you maybe do more on the loom hooks? My loom is broken you see, I thought it might be a good chance to make new things on hooks? What do you think? :)

  12. Could you do Zerena from the tinker bell movie the pirate fairy, also can u do any ever after high character, and any monster high character. Also if you can make more fairies from some of the other tinker bell movies plz. Thx

  13. Hi Kate I don’t know if you would be able to do it . But I would love to see a hooch from Turner and hooch the movie .
    And I love all your work it’s fab xx

  14. Could u plz do Zarina From TinkerBell the Pirate Fairy plz.
    Also could u do some boy Fairies from TinkerBell plz. Could u also do any Monster high or Ever after high character plz. That’s all for now thx

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    A lot more people really need to look at this and understand
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  16. It’s just an idea and a dream: Could you make the 1967th Chevrolet Impala??
    Would be very nice!!

    P.S. I love all you already did :*

  17. I think that the ever after high characters would be cool.
    Could you also do a figure that has skin and clothes on one side and bones and organs on the other

  18. I have a few ideas…
    *McWhisp (the white rabbit from Alice in wonderland)
    *The Mad Hatter (Also Alice in Wonderland)
    *Absolem (the caterpillar from Alice in wonderland)
    *The Queen Of Hearts (Alice In Wonderland)
    *The March Hare (Alice in wonderland)
    *Mickey Mouse
    *Minnie mouse
    *Daisy duck
    *Donald duck
    *Mary Queen of Scots
    *Queen Elizabeth II
    These are just some ideas hope you like them ☺ Your Channel is Amazing and can’t wait to see more! I hope all the problems are beginning to clear up at ferginston (if that’s what its called) Merry Christmas ❤

  19. I have a few ideas
    The Mad Hatter
    The Queen Of Hearts
    The March Hare
    Mickey Mouse
    Minnie mouse
    Daisy duck
    Donald duck
    Mary Queen of Scots
    Queen Elizabeth II
    These are just some ideas hope you like them ☺ Your Channel is Amazing and can’t wait to see more! I hope all the problems are beginning to clear up at ferginston (if that’s what its called) Merry Christmas ❤

  20. Hi! Could you please do an Amigurumi Tutorial for the Pea Shooter or any of the other characters from the game, Plants vs Zombies?

    I would also love to see a an Amigurumi Tutorial for different types of Happy Sushi foods.

    Thank you!

    • And can u do a 3d penguin …also 3d Mickey and Minnie mouse
      Thank you I love your designs and I hope you will make these suggestions ❤️

  21. Hi Kate!

    I absolutely love your designs. I have made almost every Disney princess and used your designs and methods to make my own character. I love how clear but detailed you make the characters and your videos.

    I’m a really huge Harry potter fan and I’ve hunted YouTube for tutorials on Harry, Ron and Hermione but not found anything. I would love it if you could make a design for them, I’ve thought to try making it up myself but the idea of ties and cloaks seem tricky. Do you have any tips or would you consider adding them to your list?

    Thank you so much for all your amazing tutorials and your time to read my comment.

  22. Can you please do a Harry Potter Topic for your Rainbow Loom videos? You could make a whole set! ( Harry, Hermione, Ron, etc.) Thank You so much! :)

  23. Could you please do a Harry Potter Set of videos? (you could make Harry, Hermione, Ron, etc.) Thanks You so much for all your other amazing videos!

  24. Can you please do boba fett or boba fetts head, and some other star wars stuff please <3

    no other loomer will do them.

  25. can you do the jetsons from the cartoon. the whole family? also, the other day i was thinking that an ariel (the little mermaid) with a removable tail to reveal legs would be awesome! maybe like the standing skirt (monster tail version) but closed and made into an tail somehow. i was trying to figure it out but i KNOW you can figure it out. just a thought. you are brilliant.

  26. I know you’re super busy, but if the mood strikes you, I’d love it if you could do an amigurumi cat. I’d love to make one for my dad to help cheer him up. He had 4 strokes last summer and I want to make him a good-sized black cat who looks like their cat, Bear (confusing, I know! LOL), who’s his best buddy, to help cheer him up a little. Realistic or cutesy – either one is fine with me. If you can’t, I totally understand. But thanks for your consideration! I absolutely love your work!!! :o)

  27. Can you do loomiguruni One Piece?(a anime cartoon)
    I really hope you can make it because I really really like the cartoon and if possible make all the character(not necessary all just hope you can do all the main character)

  28. Hi Kate, I am having a problem entering the competition this month its the same as I had last month aswell. When I come to any day after that first one to get more entries it states that I now only have 13/18 entries but the day before I had 18. I have to restate I am following you on instagram etc. The ones that you can gain extra points from are not registering the previous days that I have entred. I have tried logging in and out aswell no effect. Sorry its so long winded. X
    Thanks for looking into this.
    Jane Stevens

  29. Please could you make Optimus Prime from transformers ? loomless one would be fantastic if at all possible. Thanks :)

  30. Hello Kate, is it possible to sometimes do a smaller version of things you already have? As bands aren’t that easy to find here in the South of the UK. And on Ebay Rainbow loom bags are nearly £5 per bag of 600, and I’m a poor student haha!

    I love your tutorials it’s just I can’t make some things as I don’t have enough bands! :(

    Thank you!

  31. Able to do a pikachu one?? Or even a pokeball can’t find a decent one anywhere to loom and I just made Mike wasowski first time and just got the hang of it!

  32. Hi Kate,
    I’M Amy I love your designs.You are the best by any chance have you thought about making a small family with 3 girls 1 mum and 1 dad. By the way CORTNEY NICHOLE HAS PUT YOUR DESIGNS ON HER PAGE!!!:(:(:(
    p.s.cary on and you will be the best!!!!!:) :) :) :)

  33. Hi again Kate,
    your tutorials are so easy to follow because of the way you explain everything so clear and that accent of yours, it’s like my boyfriend that lives in Cornwall UK. I’m going back again this September, I love it, people are so friendly.
    Thanks again for your wonderful ideas, you’re amazing!

  34. Omg Kate, just did your periwinkle tutorial and you make me miss my man more with your accent. He’s from Cornwall and all the words that you were saying about Izzy that she said comparing to the British one is exactly what I go through with him except i’m french and he has trouble with mine so we laugh a lot. Because of financial reason we can’t stay in the same country for now been together for 13 yes, he’s been coming here in Canada for 11 yr.
    British people are so friendly, compassionate and so intelligent, love them.
    sorry about this note but I had to tell you, I wish I could show you my figures of course there’s not as good as yours but they’re not bad for a newcomer.
    thanks for reading.
    Can’t add any suggestions you have so many, lol.

  35. Hi kate, please can you make a baby poodle like the one that courtney nicole made but in loomigurumi. If you do this that would be great

  36. Hey I saw your baymax tutorial and I was wondering how do you start at the beginning with the loom??i was stuck and couldn’t make it…can you please reply and maybe send me a easier way!!

  37. Your stuff is amazing and looms is something to keep me going as I have to many physical problems to be a normal 16 year old. I follow you and your stuff and atm I’m seriously struggling with a design I wanna do.. If you can please could you do a tatty teddy me to you bear

  38. Can you please do the characters from the show: Once upon a time , it’s like my favorite show , so can you please make them I would really appreciate it if you did

  39. May you please make a clock coaster.I tried to make it by myself but the lines were all over the place.I love your videos too!<3

  40. Can you PLEEEEEEASE do Ariana Grande from her Focus music video? Been dying to do do one but can’t seem to get it right when I try thx

  41. Can you please do My Little Pony? It’s can of like Equestria Girls but instead of being human, they’re ponies. It’s a little bit confusing so I put a picture that can show you a difference between My Little Pony and Equestria Girls. If you don’t have time or you just don’t feel like it, I understand. Thank you anyways.

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