Share Pictures Of Your Creations

Izzy and I absolutely love seeing your creations, if you’re not able to share them with us on our instagram account (@izzaliciousdesigns) or on our Facebook page ( please feel free to share them here with us.

I know there are numerous other designers out there but please try and keep your pictures to those that are Izzalicious Designs tutorials only or creations you’ve made that are inspired by us… I can’t wait to see everything!!

51 thoughts on “Share Pictures Of Your Creations

  1. Hi I absolutely love your tutorials and find you a by far the best and easiest to re-create. I have atempted many of your disney characters for my daughter and scooby doo for my son. I have been asked to try and do Paw Patrol & ben & hollie figures but proving a but more complex I had a go and you can see in pics but can’t get any character in their faces. Can you please do a tutorial on them. Many thanks

  2. Hi kate I loved the izzy bizzy doll you done so I made one for my daughter thanks she loves it and it really turned out well

  3. hi i used kates doll design and made one for my daughter she loves it thanks kate your videos are the best on youtube

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