Thanksgiving Creations

I know there are numerous other designers out there but please try and keep your pictures to those that are Izzalicious Designs tutorials only or creations you’ve made that are inspired by us… I can’t wait to see everything!!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Creations

  1. Hey Kate, soms time ago I made my own version of your Alice in Wonderland. I used a technique, own invention (although I think there is a tutorial somewere), to give her dress a blue backside. I wondered what you think of it, and hope you like it.

    PS. I used a darker blue, for I didn’t have the right color, and English is not my native language :p

  2. Hi Kate,
    look i’ve done Princess Fiona aka Ogre. Thank you for getting me into the looms it’s surely kept me busy while waiting for my boyfriend Col from the UK, he’s coming on June 9th after not seeing him since last October.
    I have inclosed my picture of my (your) creation, lol. Think I did pretty good but I did say….
    “Bollocks” a few times…Yeah my guy told me about that word hee hee.
    Just wanted to know can I enter the contest in June, would so like to win it, my birthday is July 1st, i’ll be 56. Am I too old to loom? LOL

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